Installing Sublime Text 2 on Fedora 18 / 19 / 20

Here’s another three step guide to installing Sublime Text 2 on Fedora 19 – Schrodinger’s Cat:-

  1. Download the installation script from the following gist.
  2. Extract it to your home directory [or anywhere you like].
    $tar -xvf gist5810101-3b0e9bb3ef5128760df9e3e06877fa4f7e5689ec.tar.gz
  3. Open your terminal (preferably as super user), navigate to your home directory and execute the shell script.

Voila!! You now have Sublime Text 2 installed on your machine. You may run it from the terminal or via the alt+f2 shortcut by simply typing in “sublime-text”.

Credits to Henrique Moody for the original script gist!!
I’ve simply added a symbolic link at /usr/bin to enable terminal execution.😉


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Web Ninja, Open Source Evangelist, Mozillian, Geek, M.Sc. (Computer Applications) from Symbiosis Institute Of Computer Studies & Research (SICSR), Pune, Maharashtra, India. Worked at Mozilla Foundation, Red Hat, Software Development & Research Cell at SICSR. Originally from Kolkata, West Bengal. Open Source Contributor, Interested in Web Development as well as Technological Localizations. Follower of all updates related to Free and Open Source Software.

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  1. Thanks for your sharing,I appreciate this.keep up the good work.

  2. when I am trying to execute last command ( #./ it gives error msg permission denied. i opened terminal as super user. please help

  3. can you give how to crack the license of sublime text what was your given.`

  4. Thank you so much. recently I also faced such problems in the development of its project

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